Photography of Jose D. Flores, Jr.





I cry in lamentation for I must leave

I hear your landscape singing softly, begging, seducing

     me to stay, stay…

And I stay but find lost love with its unbearable pain

     I must leave


Your desert calls me back to stay, please stay…

And I stay to open doors to mysteries

I turn around because of questions with no answers

     I must leave now


Your soft breeze caresses my face and whispers, stay,

     stay, there is more to come…

I stay to find my reflection in the pool

     and sorrow grips my heart

          I really must leave


Your mountains thunder and the earth shakes, No!

     Please don’t go, stay, stay, stay…

          I have no choice

          I must leave


I go with my body

I leave you my spirit

          Embrace it

          Nurture it

                                                                   Jose D Flores Jr | 15Febrero, 2018







Five-thousand two-hundred feet above sea level, flanked by a rugged and isolating terrain that has been inhabited since 11,000 BC, the strong Earth energy continues to nourish the indigenous Zapotec and Mixtec. These warm, friendly, and caring people thrive in the ethos of customs and traditions, embracing ancient spirits with festivals and mystery, muting the ordinariness of everyday life with bright colors and intricate patterns on masks, sculpture, and fabrics.

The following images were captured during the Greasy Devil festival in Tilcajete, when young men put motor oil on their bodies and wear masks to run around the street looking for girls, trying to kiss or smear oil on them.

This work was shown at the Centro Fotografico Manuel Alvarez Bravo, 2017.

Preview the book of work produced by students of Maggie Steber.


THE JOKER (2016)

A stream-of-consciousness photo shoot in Miami's Wynnwood District during The Art Basel Festival. Induced by the stupor of bright, colorful, and kaleidescopic wall murals, these photographs are an attempt to distill the flamboyant images into their austere mysterious essence within the artists' subconscious. A blend of a man's death wish and an innate search for justice completes the narrative. 

This work was shown at the Miami Historical Museum auditorium as part of the Miami 2016 Street Photography Festival, held in conjunction with the annual International Art Basel Festival.